Global World, Limited News

We live in an ever-growing, multicultural, global generation. From Madison, Wisconsin to Istanbul, Turkey, we are connected by smartphones, direct flights and the world wide web. Everything is now global, or at least on the way to becoming so. Everything except the news.

But the thing is, new media aren’t helping our global communication. Rather, they are encouraging us to communicate and interact with spaces on the internet and other digital forms that are familiar to us and within our comfortable social habitats.


While news, by definition, should be objective, there is no doubt that as consumers of news and media, we are lacking critical and thoughtful analysis of the news. Though it is not the sole responsibility of the reporter or news anchor to make us critical thinkers,  I believe that this shortfall is directly due to scarcity of news which gives us a perspective that is different than our current scope of the world.

Independent media exist, but in limited and confined spaces that aren’t nearly as accessible to the public as the big news conglomerates. Diverse thoughts, voices and perspectives are desperately needed in a world where cultures are fusing and ideas are being spread faster than we have time to think about them.

Media largely influence what we talk and care about, and different type of media has the potential to go beyond that and influence how we actually process the information we consume.

Media no longer just inform us of our world.  They create our world.


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