About Me

292861_10151313048578488_1842649135_n-Esta Pratt-Kielley-
I’m an artist.

I love drawing, painting, photography, graphic design, writing and all things art. I value art as the most significant thing in our culture and society. I seek to be a visual communicator, combining my love for both writing and storytelling and my artistic creativity to share messages in a different and unique way. Communication is my element, whether that is visual, verbal, written, or all three. I believe that creativity is the most important skill you can have in anything you are doing because it opens your mind to new and different ways of thinking. This is the most valuable thing that I think I posses.

I was born in Madison, Wisconsin. My entire life I wanted to be a badger, so low and behold, I became one! Last year, however, I found myself needing to get a way from Madison for a little while, so I embarked on the adventure of a lifetime. I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain for the 2012-13 school year and it was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. It changed me in ways that are difficult to put to words and opened my eyes to a different way of living and thinking. I traveled throughout Europe while I was there and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to stop traveling now. Once you start, it’s impossible to be remain in one place forever.

I would consider myself a very independent person. I like to do things myself and experience things for myself, without relying too much on others because I feel that I learn best figuring out whatever it is I need to figure out. But, with that said, I highly value critique as a means to better my work and relationships with those I’m communicating with. I value all my friends, those who are artists and writers and those who are completely different than myself, as people to share my life with and gain inspiration from. 

I also believe in and greatly value change. Change is life; we, as well as our surroundings, are constantly changing and evolving. Without change, nothing would be what it is today and no new discoveries and creative innovations could emerge. Having an open mind, where I am ready to change any preconceived ideas and opinions, is what I believe I posses, and hope to convey in all the work that I do.

Please get in touch with me! I am always looking to make friends and share ideas.

Email me: esta.2011@gmail.com



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